Dear Stakeholders, Thank you for your considerable effort to promote quality pain management for people with pain. Together, we have made great strides to keep the tens of millions of people with pain at the center of our mission as we advocate, care for, research, and support comprehensive integrative pain management. We are not alone in our efforts. We now have the seminal report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force, with recommendations that validate and highlight the barriers we’ve been focused on addressing.

Changing the paradigm in pain care requires connecting the dots in all of our efforts.

To that end, we are announcing the establishment of the Alliance to Advance Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management (AACIPM). AACIPM is the first-of-its-kind multi-stakeholder collaborative, comprised of people living with pain, patient and caregiver advocates, public and private insurers, government agencies, researchers, purchasers of healthcare, policy experts, and a full spectrum of health care professionals involved in the delivery of comprehensive integrative pain management.

There are numerous policies and guidelines that affect pain management, and not yet a clear path for consistency around measured outcomes. Furthermore, enacting solutions to the nation’s opioid misuse and overdose epidemic has often left people with pain with few options. AACIPM is focused on building a stronger network of engaged stakeholders–and connecting the dots so that our collective work will align in defining and activating a quality integrated pain care policy and practice paradigm shift.

Chief among the priorities for AACIPM is ensuring access to value-driven care that looks at the whole person and maximizes the inclusion of evidence-based non-opioid options in the toolbox. This is Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management (CIPM). Significant data demonstrate the efficacy of this approach in treating pain and underscores the importance of comprehensive policy solutions that include access, coverage, quality, and training for providers.

AACIPM will be publicly announced in the coming weeks, and will be followed by sharing long-term policies options and communications resources.

Join Us to Improve Care!

On behalf of AACIPM, we look forward to continuing work with your organization and developing new relationships with other organizations interested in this collaborative effort.

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