Webinar Date: December 7, 12:00-2:00 ET

AACIPM facilitated a webinar, in collaboration with US Pain Foundation, to discuss the intersection of payor policies and person-centered, value-based pain care.

Read on to learn more about this no-cost webinar, Exploring Equitable, Scalable, Value-Based Pain Care Delivery.

On behalf of the Alliance to Advance Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management and the US Pain Foundation, we invite you to view this lively and constructive discussion about the intersection of payer policies and value-based care delivery for high-impact pain.

In light of CMS’ laudable goal for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to be in value-based care relationships by 2030, we discussed the real-world impact of this goal and the paths toward successful implementation. We shared context about the recent pain management codes released by CMS in January 2023 and how these are playing out in various clinical settings. Further, our esteemed panelists (see their bios) each bring a unique perspective and practical expertise to the conversation with an understanding of the nuances of how payer policies impact clinical—and scalable—implementation of pain care.

Participants in this free webinar will learn about:

  • CMS efforts to advance value-based care, including the new CMS pain codes – what these are, what they mean, and how the first year since their release is going.
  • What person-centered, evidence-based, multimodal, pain care is all about – and what scalable really means.
  • Public and private sector innovation advancing access to transdisciplinary pain care for people who are underserved.
  • Value-based care innovation that offers a network of chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, massage therapists, health coaches, and naturopaths.
  • An example of family practice in rural Georgia and how the CMS codes impact value-based care delivery.





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