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January 2023

Rising Physical Pain Is Linked to More ‘Deaths of Despair, Scientific American, January 30

Patients Flagged For Behavioral Issues Wait Longer, Get Less Care, New Study Shows, Forbes, January 28

A supportive and educational online community exists for people with chronic illnesses. They call themselves “spoonies.”, Insider, January 27

Tapping: Technique Used to Improve Physical and Emotional Health, Health News, January 26

Managing chronic pain in an appropriate, humane way, MD Linx, January 26

Brain cells gone haywire during sleep may lead to chronic pain, mouse study suggests, Live Science, January 26

Dementia-related pain: What caregivers need to know, Mayo Clinic, January 26

Fear-Avoidance Beliefs for Physical Activity Among Chronic Low Back Pain: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study, DovePress, January 26

Researchers compare high- and low-dose exercise therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis, News Medical Life Sciences, January 24

How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Be The Solution To Your Insomnia, HealthDigest, January 21

Studies Focused on Benefits of Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture Increasing in Number in Fibromyalgia, HCP Live, January 20

What Is the Feldenkrais Method? A Detailed Scientific Guide to This Type of Somatic Movement, Everyday Health, January 19

Do we feel pain more at night?, Harvard Health, January 18

Overcoming the Gendered Pain Gap, JSTOR Daily, January 15

Spoon theory: What it is and how I use it to manage chronic illness, The Washington Post, January 14

Why Native Americans experience chronic pain more is focus of TU-based research team, Tulsa World, January 8

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