AACIPM Sponsorship

Along with you, the Alliance to Advance Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management (AACIPM) invests in advancing access to equitable, whole person, multimodal pain care for all.

People with Pain Remain at the Center of Pain Care

We stand behind this foundation to check ourselves and our participants during all discussions. Our leadership team includes people with pain and caregivers.

Harmonizing Input into Accelerated Action

AACIPM was formed in early 2019 as a unique multistakeholder collaborative uniting patients, payors, providers and policymakers. Pain care is complex and this collective action is not happening anywhere else.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Scaling Value-Based Pain Care

We are leveraging examples of transdisciplinary, scalable, equitable pain care to educate stakeholders and promote targeted research that can change practice and payment designs.

No one can do this alone.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our endless and sincerest thanks go to the David & Lura Lovell Foundation, which has seen the value and sponsored these efforts since 2019. As they are sunsetting at the end of 2023, we are asking that your organization consider supporting AACIPM’s work.

Contact Amy Goldstein, Director, AACIPM, at Amy@PainManagementAlliance.org or (913) 276-0189 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Your sponsorship commitment will support AACIPM outputs to include:

Promote the CIPM toolbox, to change the conversation to #RightCareAtTheRightTime, #WhatMattersToYou

Advocate such as this brief on pediatric pain , this presentation and resources to explain engagement in legislative and regulatory processes.

Facilitate regular AACIPM meetings that engage representatives from dozens of organizations with ongoing opportunities for engagement

Curate more practice examples via the repository

Keep the person with pain at the center, ensuring pain realities are better understood and patient voice is always integrated

Create enduring materials targeted to patients, providers, payors and policymakers, such as multistakeholder symposia and resource library for people with pain

Target collaboration with purchasers of healthcare and payors to change benefit designs

Lead collective policy action such as signed letters to  CMS, AHRQ, or testimony to state legislators and/or regulators.

Communicate and showcase stakeholders’ important work digitally, through op-eds, monthly newsletters, spotlights,  social media, national updates, Connecting the Dots blog



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