Creative Commons License

Use of AACIPM Resources

From the standpoint of AACIPM (The Pain Community or other successor) obtaining the rights it needs, AACIPM participants will obtain approval from their organizations to do one of the following (a) assign to the AACIPM their work as a part of a Committee, (b) not assign their work, but agree that the AACIPM has rights akin to ownership with respect to their contributions, (c) provide their contributions to the AACIPM under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License, or (d) provide their contribution under some other agreement approved by the relevant Committee(s) upon recommendation of the Director.

This is a summary description of the license under which works produced by committees should be released:

This is the actual license:

AACIPM will only list names of participating people or organizations on documents with their express permission.