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Survey about CMS pain codes and value-based care delivery

AACIPM is hosting a webinar, in partnership with the US Pain Foundation, to take a closer look at the pain codes that the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released in early 2023 and how they are impacting value-based care for high-impact pain. This webinar will also explore innovation and progress in scalable, value-based care delivery models.

In 2021, CMS (the single largest payer of healthcare in the US) announced the goal that its Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries will be in a relationship with accountability for quality and total cost of care by 2030 – in other words, value-based care.

Results from the survey below about the CMS codes + value-based pain care will be discussed among esteemed panelists during the December 7, 2023 webinar (details and registration here), so please take about 5-10 minutes to complete these questions. 

This survey has been developed with input from staff or volunteers with US Pain Foundation, AMA, AAFP and AAPM. This is intended to provide more insights about the integration of value-based comprehensive chronic pain management and the process of paying for these care management services.

We encourage you to share this survey and webinar registration with your networks to increase the impact of these advocacy efforts!

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